Why is the Music Process Still Such a Mystery to Advertisers?

Posted on   |  by MCA Editor


When it comes to making a commercial, the right music has the power to transform and greatly magnify the overall success. Whilst many in the industry recognise how crucial the right music is to the effectiveness of an ad, it continues to be an area in which many brands and agencies find themselves tangled up and in a bind at the last minute. 

Looking to find out why, despite many years of collaboration between music publishers, record labels and advertisers, there are still so many difficulties encountered in the process, we sit down with Head of Sync and Licensing at Sony/ATV, Chris Jones and Music Consultant at MCA, Debbie Pearce…
Q> Why do you think the music process is still so hard for people the wrap their heads around?
Debbie Pearce> I’m not really sur

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