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Since the lockdown, MCA have been holding a weekly webinar for our team of 100+ consultants from around the world, and inviting clients who want to say how things are moving (or not!) in these difficult times; we also invite special guests – Production Companies, Agencies, Music Companies, Post Houses – anyone with something new and interesting to say that could help us and our clients navigate through the challenges of today, and enable to hit the ground running post Covid 19 and beyond

This week we took a deep dive into Greece and what they might be able to offer our clients.

We heard that production is now up and running in Greece. Daphne Panopoulou, MCA’s Consultant in Greece, explained that there are wonderful crews, state-of-the-art equipment, English-speaking crews, guaranteed sunshine, beautiful destinations and great studios available to brands who want to create content right now. And, of course Greece is good value compared with the rest of Europe – MCA’s proprietary Global Production Index shows that it is similar in value to Romania and Poland, two markets known for the combination of craft skills and lower cost.

Maggie and Federico from Stefi Prods, and Nikos from Alavonos, pointed out that despite the range of locations and scenery across the country, 9 out of 10 times they end up shooting in Athens because of wealth of gorgeous locations near the capital. Federico said that most of the time they use local DPs as they are more used to the country’s strong sun, therefore, they know how to deliver lighting better for shoots. (It helps they are far better value than international DPs, too.).

He went on to say that there is a great pool of very talented local directors, too, who have really suffered from not being well represented outside their home market – “look at their reels and you’ll see how good they are”

Now of course we all have concerns about Covid-19; but thoughtful and sophisticated risk mitigation is already in place. So, for every shoot, an external H&S expert reviews and passes the setup as appropriately safe. Additionally, all talent and crew members are tested a couple days before the shoot. And there are limits to the numbers of people allowed on set, but not so it becomes impractical to shoot.

In terms of travel, from June 1st-15th, any international flights will only go to Athens. (From the 15th they can also land at Thessaloniki. However, all travellers will be tested upon arrival. If negative, they must stay at a hotel unsupervised for 7 days. However, if tested positive, a 15 days supervised quarantine is mandated. So it is impractical for any non-resident to travel — but this is going to become the norm for many months yet, on all shoots, and in a coming Webinar we are looking at the latest in remote technology that removes any need for people to travel overseas for attending shoots

So, in summary – Greece offers brands and production companies outstanding shoot geographies, amazing talent, breath-taking locations all at great value. It should certainly be on your radar this summer when you’re ready to go back into the production water.

Next week (Monday 8th June) we find out what the status is in Ukraine, we talk to our friends at Ridley Scott Associates, find out about top flight remote viewing technology and hear from the UK’s most awarded Podcast Production Company what it takes to make them successfully.

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