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In this week’s webinar, we caught up with Mikhail Pimenov from Ukraine to hear how they are coping with international shoots for clients; an update from Caspar Delaney from Ridley Scott Associates; Yanina Barry from Good Film Co on Remote Viewing and Neil Cowling on successful Podcasts with his company Fresh Air Prods. You can go online and watch on;

Ukraine was not impacted as much as other European countries luckily. They have been able to still carry on with a few production jobs throughout lockdown (under strict laws of course). Currently, they are allowed to book a location for shoots or hire vehicles like helicopters, whilst it still remains quite difficult in other countries. They can now have up to 50 people on set. However, for every production shoot, one producer must be assigned to make sure everyone adheres to the guideline for the covid law.

There’s a slow ease on the lockdown throughout Ukraine now. Places are opening more; guidelines are becoming less strict. People can start going back to work, though main still prefer remote working until lockdown is truly lifted.

Finally, on June 15th, everyone will be expecting news one whether the travel ban will be removed for Ukraine. If so, they can start accepting talent, crew members and agency staff from other countries to join production sets (after being tested and going through proper quarantine procedures).

We also spoke to Caspar Delaney from Ridley Scott Associates to discover how they are handling the Covid19 situation. Until now, they haven’t stopped production throughout lockdown. They’ve mostly done remote shooting where possible such as inSlovakia with a director from LA. They even have a shoot in London next week for the first time for a fashion brand.

Their new office in Amsterdam is thriving well, even during lockdown. They all make sure everything is done safely, legally and on time. Ridley Scott Associates have published a document (cooperating with APA, IPA and ISBA) on how to mitigate and minimise risk in order to provide valuable information to other companies.
Yanina Barry from The Good Film Co joined us to speak about the development of Remote Viewing tech for the last year and we heard all about its benefits compare to other alternatives.

Finally, Neil Cowling has won every award going for Podcasts for his production company Fresh Air Prods. He told us how to get it right, what makes a successful Podcast, why it’s not just about recording and editing at home, celebs and influencers, and what brands need to be thinking about for the chance of better success. His work can be viewed here –

Next week, we will be joined by Steve Davies Chief Executive of the APA (Advertising Producers Association), Jami Guest CEO of Independent Films, and Hughie Philips of Mindseye Prods so stay tuned for more.

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